Tips for Prepping Kitchen Cabinets for Painting

Painting kitchen cabinets can be a tricky and time-consuming exercise, but like any painting project, it is all about proper surface preparation. If you have an upcoming kitchen cabinet painting project, we have some prep tips to make your work more efficient, quick, and flawless. […]

Furniture Refinishing In Omaha, NE: 5 Mistakes To Avoid

woodwork refinishing

If you have a piece of furniture or woodwork that is looking a little old and out style, refinishing it might give it a quick lease of life that it desperately needs. While the basic process of refinishing and staining wood is rather simple, there […]

Interior Painting Omaha, NE: What to Consider When Choosing Wall Colors

Interior paint color tips

If you’re having trouble settling on the best colors for your home interior, here’re some considerations and insights to inspire you.

5 Tips For Cabinet Repaints In Omaha, NE

Kitchen cabinet refinishing

If you’re planning for a cabinet repaint project, here are five tips to help you make the process efficient, fast and outstanding;

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Vs. Staining In Omaha, NE

kitchen cabinet repainting

In this article, we take a detailed look at staining vs painting and the kind of results you can expect with each option. Read on.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting In Omaha, NE: Which Paint Sheen Should I Use?

kitchen cabinet painting

In this kitchen cabinet painting article, we look at the main types of kitchen cabinet paint sheens and how they affect the end results.

5 Ways To Update Kitchen Cabinets In Omaha, NE

kitchen cabinet refinishing

If your kitchen cabinets are starting to look a little dated, it might be time to give them a quick update. Here are your top 5 options.

Residential Interior Trim Best Paint Color Options

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5 Reasons You Should Regularly Paint the Exterior of Your Home

exterior painting

For most homeowners, repainting the home’s exterior is probably the last thing that comes to mind when thinking about home improvement. Repainting your house has enormous benefits, it can go a long way in improving the overall look and feel of your home.

Things to Consider When Staining Oak Cabinets in Omaha, NE.

cabinet repainting

Are your Oak cabinets in Omaha, NE looking a little dated and worn out? We have some incredible re-staining tips for you. Read on.